The Saint Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association (SLHTA), Sterling Insurance Brokers, Beacon Insurance Company, and the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) met recently to discuss marine insurances, risk mitigation and public liability insurance for boat operators. Sean Devaux SLHTA’s Director for the Maritime Subsector and General Manager for IGY Rodney Bay Marina joined the discussion to give a better idea of the needs of the sub-sector and listen to the insurance companies to come to a mutual understanding.

A successfully negotiated tier of insurance could attract transient and roaming boats to stay docked in St Lucia during the off season from April to November each year. This will yield more business opportunities for local suppliers and boost employment as well.

In the past SLHTA has used group insurances to reduce operating costs, access global opportunities, ensure business continuity and ensure a more sustainable tourism industry.


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