Opposition senator Guibion Ferdinand has called on the Prime Minster to come clean about the real reason he wants to relocate the over four decades old Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. The Prime Minister claims that an evaluation has determined that the government would have to spend more than $13 million to repair the institution. At that price tag he says it makes more sense to build a new school in another location but the fact that the school is bordered by land owned by his father and in-laws has raised more than one eyebrow and led to speculation that there may be other motives for the suggestion

After being heavily criticized about the possible relocation, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet attempted to clear the air, noting that the school is bad shape and after an assessment was done, it was found that it would cost the government over $13 million dollars to repair.

Senator Guibion Ferdinand who is a past student of the CCSS says in recent times the government has shown little regard for the conditions of schools on the island and so he is not buying the Prime Minister’s story.

The former Principal of the Micoud Secondary School says if the government is serious about school repairs, it should adopt a more  comprehensive approach.

for the past 44 years the school has occupied prime beach front property along one of the busiest highways on the island, with adjacent properties belonging to relatives of the Prime Minister.

Ferdinand believes there are other motives for the move.

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