President of the National Taxi Union Mr Lucien Joseph has accused the government of marginalizing the NTU and attempting to destroy it. Mr Joseph made the comments following news that government has paid over one million dollars in fuel to the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT). According to the NTU President, the payment was not fair to them. Mr Joseph is calling on the government to pass the Tourism Taxi Policy which will ensure taxi drivers operate on a level playing field. Mr Joseph says it is not fair that minibus operators are getting monies from the government when they continue to pay less than everyone else for licenses.

While he says everything is being done for minibus operators who are reaping huge benefits, taxi drivers continue to suffer, struggle and continue to lose revenue. According to Joseph, in time, the tour operators and ground handlers will engage outside parties to do the jobs they are currently doing as a result of the lack of assistance from the government. The NCOPT and the transport minister were unavailable to comment on the matter.

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