The National Council on Public Transportation and the National Taxi Union appear to be at loggerheads following a payment of $1.1 million dollars to minibus operators by the government recently.
President of the National Taxi Union Mr Lucien Joseph believes the payment to the NCOPT is unfair to taxi operators.
The NCOPT President however says it comes down to who is the better negotiator.
The payment was made to the NCOPT after fuel prices surpassed the $12.75 per gallon price cap set by the government.
According to the NCOPT President, under the previous administration, an increase in fuel at the pumps would require drivers to increase bus fares to passengers, but instead a rebate was offered by the current administration.
A decision the taxi union president has challenged.
NCOPT President Godfrey Ferdinand has dismissed the claims of preferential treatment made by Mr Lucien Joseph.
According to him, it all comes down to negotiating skills.
While the monies have been paid to the account of the NCOPT, Mr Ferdinand says there are conditions under which the Council will accept the funds.
Ferdinand says it is unclear whether an increase in bus fares will be granted.
The last increase he says was approximately ten years ago and a revision is long overdue…something he current Transport Minister agrees with.

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