The island’s sole water company WASCO has appealed to consumers to take the necessary measures to ensure they have stored water, in light of drought predictions issued at the start of the year. The Caribbean Climate Outlook newsletter last year said it was unlikely that the region would experience severe drought in early 2019, although recurrent dry spells are expected to affect crop growth but new information suggests that more islands may be affected by dry conditions.
In November 2018, the Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network which is based in Barbados said that while some parts of the Caribbean wwere receiving below normal rainfall there were some concerns for short term drought situations particularly in St. Lucia and the Bahamas.
While moderate rainfall has been recorded in some of the islands, St. Lucia is listed under a drought warning and is expected to experience an extreme to exceptionally dry period across the island.
As such, WASCO is asking all citizens to be prepared.
WASCO has met with various stakeholders including NEMO, St. Lucia Fire Service, the Water Resource Management Authority and the National Utilities Regulatory Commission to discuss strategies to address the drought situation.
Meanwhile, the company on Monday held two church services in the north and south of the island to open up the New Year.
The company says it will be updating the island on a myriad of issues and projects including the status of the John Compton Dam.

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