The Police Welfare Association remains optimistic that 2019 will see
the conclusion of the IMPACS case with officers involved in
operation restore Confidence finally being exonerated.
The investigation into alleged extra judicial killings by the officers
led to the US State Department withdrawing all assistance to local
An investigation into the alleged killings was conducted by
CARICOM’s Implementation Agency for Crime and Security
The allegations prompted the United Stated to take a policy decision
to withdraw training and material assistance to the RSLPF under the
Leahy Law which prohibits aid being granted to foreign security
forces accused of human rights violations.
The US and EU governments have both been exerting pressure on
the local government to prosecute those persons found guilty of the
alleged killings.
The Police Welfare Association is hopeful that the matter will be
resolved this year.
According to the PWA President, St. Lucia cannot allow the IMPACS
matter to linger and hinder progress.
In an address to the nation, then Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
referring to parts of the IMPACS Report, claimed that the police
staged fake encounters with individuals and planted evidence.

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