A former Agriculture Minister has expressed concern about the effect that the resurfacing of the Amblyomma tick which infects animals like horses could have on the budding local equine Industry. The Ministry of Agriculture sounded the alarm in December a few days before Christmas
After many years of rigorous programs to successfully eradicate the amblyomma tick from the island the Ministry of Agriculture’s surveillance team sounded the alarm just days before Christmas that the tick also known as the tropical born tick which can infect animals such as cows sheep and horses was back. This is coming at a time when the Equine Industry is set to kick off in St. Lucia. The China Horse Club has established an equine disease free zone with the hope that no major pests will affect the horses. Former Agriculture Minister Moses Jn. Baptiste is concerned about this development.
The tick can be easily identified. The color of the enamel is pink to orange or orange to red. The eyes are always present and may be flat. The ministry conducts examinations to ensure that infected live stock are not sold to consumers. Mr. Jn. Baptiste is hoping that the farmers particularly in the South where the tick is most prevalent will get the assistance that they need
The Ministry of Agriculture called on farmers to join them in the fight to eradicate this tick

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