The third day into a new week and the island’s chief of police is yet to give an update on the Kimberly De Leon investigation as promised on Tuesday January 8th 2019 during a police press conference.
Commissioner Severin Moncherry first made the revelation that samples were sent overseas for testing on November 23rd. the results were due back the following week
During the January 8th press conference, the top cop confirmed that the results were still in St. Kitts and should be in the possession of the RSLPF by Thursday January 10th. He promised an update the following week but this did not happen
On January 11th, DBS News confirmed that an officer was in St. Kitts collecting the results of the tests.
It is unknown what samples were sent and what tests were done but according to the commissioner the results are expected to shed some light on what transpired that night last year when de Leon lot her life.
42 year old Kimberly De Leon was shot and killed at her Morne Fortune home on the night of October 29th 2018.
Her husband who is also a police officer was named a person of interest and has since proceeded on vacation leave.
PWA President Travis Chicot says the officer remains a member of the PWA who will continue to support him as best they can.
The mother of two was killed by a single gunshot to the head, a post mortem revealed.

Almost two months after law enforcement officials sent samples to St. Kitts for testing in the Kimberly De Leon investigation, the outcome

Law enforcement officials are yet to receive samples sent overseas which they expect to shed some light into the murder of 42 year old Kimberly Williams De Leon.
The mother of two was gunned down at her Morne Fortune residence on October 29th.
While a suspect or suspects are yet to be arrested and charged for the murder, her husband and father to her two children have been identified by police as a person of interest due to past “Domestic incidents” that had been acted upon by law enforcement authorities and have since proceeded on administrative leave.
On November 23rd, Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry confirmed that samples were sent overseas for testing and expected results the following week.
The results he said should shed more light into the De Leon investigation.
Nearly two weeks later, police officials are yet to receive the sample results.
Meanwhile, family and friends continue to demand justice.
A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Kimberly De Leon revealed that she died due to a single gunshot wound to her head.
Williams-De Leon was shot and killed in her home on the evening of October 29th.

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