A minibus driver, who was shot and robbed on Wednesday January 16th 2019, is counting his blessings as he could have been more severely injured during the incident.
About 7pm Wednesday, the proprietor of Icho’s Bar and Grill located between Massacre and Canefield was closing down his business when three armed masked men attacked him.
Ignatius Jn Baptiste who is a Gros Islet bus driver by profession was accosted by the trio, who proceeded to shoot and rob him.
Luckily he survived the attack.
Jn Baptiste says he had just parked his minibus and had started his walk to his home, approximately 100 yards away
That’s when, three masked men approached him, guns blazing. He was hit several times in the leg.
This was not the first time bandits targeted Jn Baptiste. A previous attempt was foiled by persons in the area. This time he was not so fortunate.
Jn Baptiste says he was able to drag himself up to the top of the concrete path leading to his home all the while screaming for help.
He was eventually met by a relative who took him to hospital
The tearful bus driver said he has no quarrel with anyone and is unaware of any reason the individuals would want to shoot him.
The perpetrators escaped with nearly one thousand dollars as well as Jn Baptists’ wallet which contained his national ID card and driver’s license.
He was discharged from the hospital around 5am Thursday after having three bullets removed from his leg. he is recovering at home.
He is hopeful that the perpetrators will be caught.

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