January 17th is exactly five years since the murder of 62 year old Roger Pratt off the coast of Vieux Fort in 2014.
In December 2018, a few weeks before the fifth anniversary, Margaret Pratt paid a visit to the island’s Director of Public Prosecutions to get an update on the status of the case as she continues her pursuit for justice.
The British couple was vacationing in St. Lucia, and was anchored just off the coast of Vieux Fort; a voyage the two planned for years as it was Roger Pratt’s dream to sail across the Atlantic to explore the Caribbean.
According to reports, on the night of January 17th 2014, officers responded to reports of a robbery on the Pratts’ yacht, the Magnetic Attraction.
It is alleged that three men boarded the couple’s yacht attacked the two occupants, killing the 62 year old in his attempts to defend and protect his wife.
The alleged attackers were subsequently arrested and charged on February 25th 2014 but are yet to have their day in court.
According to the widow, it’s been a frustrating fight for justice.
During a r visit to the island in December, Mrs Pratt met with the Director of Public Prosecutions who gave her an update on the case and explained to her the delay in the execution of justice on the island.
Mrs. Pratt says she was given the assurance by the Prime Minister that appropriate measures are being taken to ensure that justice is served.
According to the video posted by Mrs. Pratt, contrary to what she was told, there was no court hearing in December 2018 and no trial date has been set.

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