The Ministry of Education is alarmed by photographs being circulated on social media, showing two males students in school uniform, brandishing what appear to be a hand gun and a shot gun.
Education officials on Friday said that an investigation has been launched into the matter.
While this is not the first such incident, education officials are no less disturbed by this latest case. They are also concerned about the seemingly cavalier attitude of the students in the photographs.
Education officials are also wondering how they were able to access the weapons in the first place.
An individual caught with an illegal firearms and or ammunition can be charged up to fifteen thousand dollars or face seven years in prison.
Officials of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force while refusing to comment on the matter did indicate that the photo of the two males in the grey and white uniform is an old photo and that the matter was investigated and dealt with accordingly.
Adding his voice to the discussion is former police commissioner Mr Vernon Francois who says the boldness of the two students is a reflection of the society.
The idea he says is for all parties to work together to make the island a safer place.

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