The St. Lucia Red Cross Society is lost as to why law enforcers on the scene of Monday’s shooting incident at the Blue Coral Mall did not perform first aid on the shooting victim. A Security Guard is assisting Police with investigations as they identify the victim as 21 year old Kimran Clarke of Barre de Chaussee.
Details about what happened are still sketchy but according to reports about 1:25 PM a security officer discharged a firearm inside the mall, shooting 21 year old Kimran Clarke in his torso. Clarke was eventually taken to hospital but the St. Lucia Red cross Society is uncertain as to why Law enforcement officials who were on hand at the time of the incident did not perform first aid on the victim. The Society says the organization conducts classes more than twice a week for all interested persons including police officers and security guards.
Additionally Ms. Terencia Gaillard (Red Cross Director General) says first aid courses are held at the Police Training School
Shortly after it happened, a video of the incident was posted on the social media. Voices can be heard asking who shot the victim and urging that he be taken to hospital.

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