The Faces of Cancer organization is reporting success in the fight against cancer in St. Lucia . But the Organization is also observing a new trend where younger men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer. This as the world commemorates February 4th as World Cancer Day Don Nicholas reports
World Cancer Day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. President of the Faces of Cancer Dorothy Phillip says St. Lucia is making some headway but the full effects will not realized just yet as the Organization is in the process of conducting research to obtain a more accurate picture of St. Lucia’s situation. Officials say they don’t expect to see premature cancer deaths as is seen now. The organization is involved in patient navigation where it helps patients from the outset to get the medical assistance that they need. Doctors appointments and overseas travel are organized by the Faces of Cancer
A lot of the costs under the patient navigation program is being subsided easing the financial burden on the patient. However there is a disturbing trend. Younger men are contracting prostrate cancer A lot of the cases are hereditary
The organization is also setting up a scholarship program to help cancer victims

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