Reginal political Commentator Mr Peter Wickham says the failure of last week’s motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was expected.
The motion was defeated 11 – 6 with every single government MP expressing confidence in their leader.
The motion was the second to be rejected in the region in recent times.
While the no confidence motions were defeated in St. Lucia and St. Kitts, the Guyana government was toppled by a no confidence motion.
According to Mr Peter Wickham, the results out of St. Kitts and St. Lucia show that the prime minister has the support of his ministers.
Despite the defeated motion, SLP leader Philip Pierre described it as an historic moment for the country.
According to Pierre, the SLP did not win the war, but won that battle He felt that the motion served its purpose as it presented evidence to show that Allen Chastanet is not the best person to be prime minister of St. Lucia.
The SLP, plans to take to the “People’s Parliament” the Castries market steps in the coming weeks to continue the battle.

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