A Methodist Minister is concerned about the impact recent revelations about sexual abuse of nuns by Roman Catholic Priests could have on the Church. Nuns have accused clerics of sexual abuse in in India, Africa, Latin America and in Italy.
The head of the Methodist Church in St. Lucia Reverend Seth Ampadu, is calling on Roman Catholics not to abandon their faith in God in the face of this latest sex scandal to hit the Church God.
According to Pope Francis, sexual abuse of nuns by bishops and priests has been a problem in the Catholic Church for quite some time.
A number of nuns were reported to have become pregnant and in some cases had abortions after being impregnated by catholic Priests.
Speaking on the matter, the head of the Methodist Church in St. Lucia reverend Seth Ampadu has described the situation as quite unfortunate but noted human beings including religious leaders are not infallible.
Nonetheless he says religious leaders should set the example.
A number of clerics have been suspended and some orders of nuns were dissolved as a result of the scandal.
Reverend Ampadu is hoping that the allegations do not have a negative effect on the Christian community.
The latest allegations surfaced as the church continues to deal with accusations of child sex abuse by priests and the emergence of the “Me Too Movement” which seeks to raise awareness of support for victims of sexual harassment and abuse

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