As St. Lucia is about to celebrate its 40th Independence Anniversary, the St. Lucia Development Bank (SLDB) is also celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The SLDB was re-established in 2008 through an act of parliament and reopened its doors to the public in February 24th, 2009.
According to the Business Development and Marketing Manager and corporate secretary, Philbert Francis, when the bank opened up its doors 10 years ago, it started off with its portfolio at zero. Todate it has granted in excess of 100 Million Dollars in loans.
With respect to the SLDB’s 10th Anniversary, the Bank has a number of planned activities, one of which is to pioneer affordable Greenhouse projects.
Other activities to celebrate the SLDB’s 10th anniversary include an awards night recognizing staff and their accomplishments, a relaunch of the youth enterprise equity fund, and a public speaking and debate competition

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