After giving US diplomats 72 hours to leave Venezuela following US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Juan Guaido as interim President, Venezuela has taken the initiative to mend relations with the United States. This as CARICOM joins efforts to come up with a diplomatic solution to the Venezuelan crisis.
In an attempt to patch up its differences with the United States over the recent Political crisis Venezuela has drafted on new proposal signaling the start a new relationship between the two countries. They have given US authorities 30 days to sign the proposal. All US diplomats in Venezuela have already left the country. They received their marching orders from President Nicolas Maduro after US President Donald Trump announced that he was supporting self proclaimed President Juan Guaido
According to Ambassador Escalona the US real interest is in Venezuela’s oil reserves. She says the US has tried everything to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution.
In Venezuela there is a coalition of different opposition parties with some more radical in nature than others

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