Two of the occupants of a house at Sunbilt Castries that was destroyed by fire on Wednesday evening, are appealing for help to rebuild. The two families which include a number of small children consider themselves fortunate to be alive. They escaped with just the clothes on their backs.

Shane Emmanuel considers himself and his family fortunate to be alive after a fire  on Wednesday destroyed the two-story building in which he, his girlfriend and a three-year old son lived at Sunbilt, Castries. Emmanuel, who lived in the downstairs apartment of the building  owned by a close family member , said he was about to take a rest when the fire broke out in the apartment upstairs. Emmanuel had just bought some brand new appliances cash but a new weed Wacker which he uses to do odd jobs was bought on hire purchase. Mr. Emmanuel  a painter by profession is unable to start a new job   on Monday since he lost all his tools in the fire. He is appealing for help to get back on his feet

Kysia Stephen who lived upstairs where the fired started says she had gone to a nearby shop and left her three children in the house. By the time she returned the house was engulfed in flames. Escaping with just the clothes on their backs and all their school accessories gone up in flames Stephen’s children were unable to attend school on Thursday. She too is appealing for help

Fortunate everyone escaped both families are still homeless. The cause of the fire which occurred around 6 PM Wednesday is currently being investigated

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