Government has reiterated its position that it will not be pumping any money into LIAT as long as the carrier maintains its current structure. This follows an announcement of a major shake up of the carrier’s operations 

Reports indicate that majority shareholder Barbados may cut  back on its contributions to the airline. St. Lucia’s Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee   made it clear that the Saint Lucia Government will not drain  the public coffers by investing any money in  LIAT. A major shake up of the carrier’s operations  is expected however. Changes include  a performance index to help determine performance and pay increases

 Barbados tourism officials say the way the airline is currently operating is a bit unfair as certain countries are benefiting but few are contributing to the airline’s  viability and sustainability. Minister Fedee maintains that the airline  must become more viable 

Antigua and Barbuda  St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominic are other major shareholders in LIAT

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