A relative of an alleged suicide victim says had more attention been paid to the signs, Agard resident James Antoine would still be alive today.

Antoine’s body was discovered suspended by the neck from a tree behind his home around 6am Monday February 11th.

Investigators are treating his death as a suspected suicide. A post-mortem   has been scheduled for a later date

Relatives say the deceased did seem troubled and may have been seeking attention following his release from prison recently for Praedial larceny.

Antoine is believed to have been making attempts to get his life in order but had encountered difficulty in doing so.

One nephew of the deceased who says Antoine was with him the day before his death doing some construction work.

Mr Bruno Leonce says his uncle will be missed. He says Antoine was helpful and assisted with any and everything his family needed.

While Antoine found solace in alcohol he did indicate to many that he would take his life; unfortunately he was not taken serious.

Antoine was originally form Millet but resided at Agard for several years. He leaves behind four children.

Police are investigating.

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