The use of social media platforms to spread the word of God is among topics being discussed at the 35th annual conference of the Association of Diocesan Clergy of the Province of Castries taking place in St. Lucia from Monday 11th to the 14th.

The Roman Catholic Church believes that social media has become one of the most effective ways of reaching new members and is looking at ways to capitalize on its popularity.

Even the most active church cannot reach all its members all the time, and according to father Michel Francis, social media gives the church the opportunity to engage members throughout the day and provide them with information.

In addition to that, people thinking of joining the community, particularly younger people are more likely to check out the church on social media before making up their minds. 

Declining attendance at Sunday mass is another major issue affecting churches in the region. This too was discussed as the religious leaders seek to reverse the trend.

Despite low attendance, Father Michel Francis believes people still seek the gospel for answers.

The annual meeting began with a Mass on Monday and will culminate with the hosting of a grand concert on Thursday February 14th at the St. Joseph’s Convent from 7pm.

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