Harlan Inglis, the father of deceased 22 year old Shakadan Daniel has himself passed away…still convinced that his son was murdered.

22 year old Chakadan Daniel was found dead while locked-up at the Micoud Police Station. For years his father has been calling for those he believed to responsible for his son’s death to be brought to justice.

In 2014 Harlan Inglis filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and on July 24th 2015, an inquest into the death of Chakadan Daniel declared that the 22-year-old was indeed killed unlawfully.

A post mortem examination found that Chakadan Daniel had died of asphyxia.

For years the father of the deceased, fought for justice for his son…even when it seemed like he was fighting a losing battle.

Unfortunately Harland Inglis died before receiving any form of justice for his son.

Inglis collapsed along Jeremie Street on Saturday and was taken to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear, one thing is certain; he will never see the alleged perpetrators brought to justice.

On Wednesday December 6th, some 6 officers who were on duty at the Micoud police station at the time of Daniel’s incarceration were brought in for questioning on orders of the now Director of Public Prosecution Daarsrean Greene who was legal counsel to the family at the time.

No charges have been laid against the officers and they remain on active duty.

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