A specialist in women’s reproductive Health says more and younger women are becoming empowered to take charge of their reproductive health The observation comes from Dr. Robyn Charlery-White Founder of HerStoire as activities to mark  sexual and reproductive health awareness  week continue. .

The HerStoire organization  is a virtual support group forum for young women in Saint Lucia, particularly those who would rather access sexual and reproductive health information and services anonymously or online. On Wednesday the group held a session for  students at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College focused on proper care of their genitals. sexual  hygiene and menstrual health. Founder of the organization Dr. Robyn Charlery- White has been noticing that more women are now using apps to track their menstrual cycles and empowering themselves to take control of their reproductive health

The organization also organizes workshops for women who want more information on their sexual reproductive health

Herstoire was conceptualized in January 2, 2016 and  comprises Medical professionals from the Caribbean. Herstoire can be accessed  on all social medical channels, also at mobile phone number  2866383 or online at www.HerStoire .com

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