Forty years after its independence the debate over what the standard colours of the flag should be. While official documents call for cerulean blue, there is a feeling among patriotic Saint Lucians that too many variations of the flag have been allowed over the years

This has led to calls for legislation to be put in place to ensure that ONLY flags with the correct shade of blue are imported and sold by merchants.

Across the island especially around the government buildings at the Castries Waterfront, the St. Lucia flag can be seen flying high as the country prepares to celebrate 40 years of independence.

Drivers have also decorated their cars with the flag while designers have found creative ways to incorporate the colours of the flag in clothing designs.

However callers to the Mews Maker Live programme on Wednesday appear to believe that despite the displays, there is a lack of patriotism among most Saint Lucians.

Added to that, it is believed that the wrong shade of blue is being used on the flags coming into the country.

The flag has four distinctive colors. The Cerulean Blue represents fidelity. It reflects the tropical sky, and also the island’s emerald surrounding waters, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Gold represents the prevailing sunshine in the Caribbean, and prosperity. The Black and white reflects the cultural influences.


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