The lack of compliance by local broadcasters, was among key subjects down for discussion with the Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Right held a members meeting on Saturday.  The recent loss of a court case against Caribbean Cinemas also came up. In 2017, ECCO won a landmark case against Mega Plex in the civil suit for copyright infringement and asked the court for damages. The Movie Theatre chain challenged the decision and won.

Saturday’s meeting was a second attempt by the organization to meet with members since the appointment of the new CEO-Davis Joseph. A meeting scheduled for December 11th last year couldn’t attract a quorum. The meeting is one of a series taking place across the sub-region. So far meetings have been held with members in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts/Nevis, Grenada, Dominica and Antigua ad Barbuda.

Meetings have been held with Commissioners of Police and Attorneys General in the various territories in a bid to build some level of cohesion across the region when it comes to applications for ECCO. All of this as the organization itself undergoes major internal changes to improve its overall effectiveness and efficiency

At Saturday’s meeting members were encouraged to update their portfolios and to learn about their rights as artists.

Work has begun on planning the organizations’ annual general meeting a date for which has not been set. At that meeting members across ECO territories will be brought up to speed on ECCO’s activities over the last year along with its plans for the coming months.

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