Local advocacy group United and Strong has condemned the recent circulation of pornographic videos featuring school children, on social media.

In the latest video, two female students are shown sharing an intimate kiss while still at school.

The organization believes such actions should not be undertaken by minors especially when in uniform.

The 15 second video, shows the two embracing each other while their classmates cheer and egg them on.

The students were criticized for what some see as inappropriate behavior by the two.

The video which was uploaded over social media has gone viral but it is unclear when the video was shot.

United and Strong which aims to provide an enabling environment for the advancement of human rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Saint Lucia has expressed concern about the video.

The organization says there must be some level of respect which should be demonstrated when in school uniform and as such it does not support under aged people engaging in such sexual or intimate acts.

Ministry of Education officials could not comment on the matter as a formal report was not made.

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