The mother of murder victim Kimberly Williams De Leon is not happy with police handling of her daughter’s case. More specifically, she says the total lack of communication from the police department on the status of her daughter’s case.

The 42 year old mother of two was shot and killed on October 28th 2018 at her home at her Morne Fortune.

Miss Mary Williams, mother of the Kimberly De Leon says it is already stressful dealing with the violent nature of her daughter’s death but the stress is being amplified by the lack of cooperation from the police and their failure to update relatives on the case.

Miss Williams is calling on the police Commissioner to light a fire under his men.

On Monday, Gender Relations Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert expressed empathy for the relatives of victims like Williams when she called for more dialogue between investigators and relatives of victims.

Law enforcement officials are yet to give an update on the results of tests done on samples from the Kimberly William De Leon case almost four months after her death and three months after Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry promised to update the nation on the findings.

According to Miss Williams, she gets a different story every single time she makes an appeal for an update and believes she’s being taken for a ride.

A post mortem revealed that De Leon died from a single gunshot to the head. Police promised an update on the case upon receipt of the results of the forensic tests done on samples from the case, but this is yet to happen.

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