Representatives of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture have been speaking to the business community on how to protect themselves from cyber attacks in light of a reported 55% surge in cyber attacks on businesses the world over.

According to  an October 2018 report from  cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes  banking Trojan attacks were up 84% making them the most popular form of malware attack for both businesses and consumers. More alarmingly, it shows a shift in the way hackers choose to target vulnerable users as the types of Trojan used are changing. A mix of both new Trojans and stronger, evolved iterations of previous malware top the most detected list.

The report also highlights the hike in attacks on businesses compared to consumer targets with a 55% and 4% rise in the respective sectors. Not only are the targeted attacks becoming more sophisticated. They’re starting to target those with larger pockets, seeking greater rewards for their efforts. In  St. Lucia the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture is taking a proactive stance by educating its members on how to protect themselves.

For now the problem of cyber attacks is not as prevalent in St. Lucia but authorities say it has the potential to become a major problem with  serious implications for the business community

The threats don’t end with Trojans. Ransomware attacks saw an 88% increase while consumer attacks saw a welcome decline. 

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