Felix Joseph Brother of 54 year old Angelbut Joseph is calling on the authorities at the Mental Wellness Centre to explain how his brother managed to leave the facility without anyone noticing. Joseph has been missing for several days. His body was found at Stone Beach near the Millenium Highway on Wednesday

Felix Joseph says in 2017 his brother  Angelbut Joseph was taken to the Mental wellness Centre and spent three days there. The next time he got admitted to the facility was on February 22 2019. Joseph says he last saw his brother at 5 PM Sunday February 24th when he came to visit him at the facility. The following day he was notified that his brother had been missing. Searches and appeals for help from the public proved futile until Wednesday when his body was found on stone beach near the millennium highway

Joseph described his brother  as a very generous individual -one who was very well known in the Choiseul community for his acts of kindness. He  lived with his 93 year old mother and sister  and had a special  love for  animals. Joseph says  since his brother  came to Castries  last week his dog and cat have lost their appetite for food . Even his rooster  followed  him into the house

Health authorities have promised to issue a statement on the matter

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