A Radiologist attached to the Cancer Center at the Tapion Hospital is calling on persons over the age of 40 to get annual checkups  so that in case they have  cancer it can be detected early. The call comes in light of an increase in breast and prostate cancer.

Dr. Glen Jones has been in the radiology business since 1988. He noted that the ratio of cancer patients in the world moved from 1 in 4 over the past few decades to 1 in 3 currently. Breast and prostate cancer   top the list followed by cancer of the cervix in younger women and cancer of the uterus in older women. The Cancer Centre is calling on more local patients to access  the Centre at the Tapion Hospital for radiation treatment. At the moment many persons are travelling overseas. The Centre is calling on persons over 40 to do regular checkups. If  they have  cancer it can  be detected early

The Centre highlighted the importance of putting funds aside and sourcing medical insurance in order to care for cancer related expenses. Some persons who are in a position to pay fail to set their priorities right and run into difficulty when they need medical attention. But others are   financially strapped and cannot afford to pay. The Cancer Centre is working with the Government to source funding to help such persons

The Cancer Centre  is looking to expand its services

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