A Babonneau mother is questioning why her daughter was left behind after the vehicle she was travelling in on Friday March 8th plunged into a river along the Allen Bousquet Highway.

According to Miss Kerima Unwin her 25 year old daughter was left behind to fend for herself after the driver of the vehicle managed to get a ride to the hospital for medical attention and allegedly gave no indication that there was another accident victim.

According to the distraught mother, she last saw her daughter Kimaya Louis Thursday evening when she told relatives she was going out with some friends and would be spending the night at one of her girlfriends.

Little did she know that, a vehicular accident at Union in the early hours of Friday would leave two occupants of a motor car nursing injuries; or that her daughter would be one of them

The incident is believed to have occurred around 5am.

Kimaya was found approximately two hours later by law enforcement officials who immediately called the fire department. The fire department responded swiftly and transported the accident victim to the hospital.

It was then a friend of the family recognized the young woman and called her mother to inform her that her daughter had been hospitalized.

Additionally Miss Unwin says Kimaya is suffering from memory loss.

It is unclear the relationship between the two accident victims and Miss Unwin says she does not know the driver.

Law enforcement and emergency personnel were contacted to shed some light on the incident but were unable to do so

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