The Matter involving an exchange between a Gros Islet Mini Bus Operator and a female passenger in which the driver allegedly threatened to plunge the bus full of passengers into the Castries Harbour has been resolved. Both parties have apologized to each other. But this has not prevented the Gros Islet Mini Bus Association from issuing a warning letter to the driver involved in the incident.

The incident started when  the female  passenger asked  the operator why he  did not pick up a male  student who was apparently late for school. This  led to a heated exchange between the two prompting the driver to demand that the passenger get off his bus. She refused to do so and  he allegedly threatened to drive the bus full of   passengers into the Castries harbor . The commuter  reported the matter to the authorities. According to the President of the Gros Islet Mini Bus Association a disciplinary committee met with the two individuals. Both of them  apologized to each other since according to the President the video of the exchange indicated that the  passenger was also at fault

However  the Association did not  take  the operator’s  threats lightly. He now has a warning letter on his file. According to the Association prior to that the operator enjoyed a good track record.  This is his first report of any kind against him.

The President Danny edward also addressed the issue of reports that some mini bus operators are making their own rules as they carry passengers. He  denounced such behavior stating that the drivers are not authorized to do that 

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