SLP Leader Philip J Pierre says a St. Lucia Labour Party Government  would have engaged the relevant stakeholders  in discussion first before making a decision on corporal punishment. Mr. Pierre was speaking in light of a recent cabinet conclusion to effect a suspension of corporal punishment by May1st this year. A move that has not sat well with the  St. Lucia Teachers Union. More from Don Nicholas

The St. Lucia teachers Union argued that  there was no point in the Ministry of Education  arranging a meeting with the organization to discuss corporal punishment  since a cabinet conclusion had already been reached on January 15, 2019 to suspend corporal punishment. The union could not have any input because the decision had already been taken. The St. Lucia Labour Party has expressed similar sentiments 

The Labor Party is not against the idea of abolishing corporal punishment but the organization  believes it will take time to achieve. The Party believes the teachers  should have been given time to adjust to  alternative forms of discipline  rather than rushing to implement the new measure

Both the Principals and the St. Lucia Teachers Union have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Government’s handling of the situation

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