Minister for the Public Service Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond says his department was caught off guard by the actions of public officers who did not show up for work on Tuesday

A number of government offices were vacant Monday after the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) called an emergency meeting to discuss the status of negotiations with the Government; a meeting Dr. Raymond, says permission was not granted for.

Public servants remained off the job for a second consecutive day Tuesday but Raymond swears that operations have not been severely affected as a result of the action.

The Public Service Minister said that a letter was sent on March 6th 2019 requesting all public servants be given time off to attend as meeting called by the CSA on March 11th.

The letter Dr. Ubaldus Raymond says was received on March 8th and a response was sent to the CSA

Following Monday’s meeting, the CSA called on the government to meet at the soonest so that the negotiations could come to an amicable close.

According to Dr. Raymond, the business of the country was not affected. However, the defiant public servants remained off the job for a second day Tuesday.

According to Dr. Raymond, the Government Negotiating Team will be meeting very soon with both the Trade Union Federation and the CSA to discuss the way forward.

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