A wine shop owner was shot dead and robbed Wednesday evening, bringing the homicide figures to 7 for 2019.

The shooting victim has been identified as 51 year old Cedars resident, Stan Pistol.

According to the victim’s wife, she was in the process of parking her vehicle to join her husband at Cross Roads Mini Mart when she heard the sound of gunshots.

Seconds later, she discovered her husband’s bullet riddled body in a pool of his own blood.

Mrs. Grandalene Pistol says she and her husband have been married for 22 years and have been operating the Cross Roads Mini Mart for nine of those years.

The mini mart situated in the junction of Waterworks and Cedars roads, formerly known as Ralph’s Supermarket has been robbed numerous times. Wednesday evening’s attempt was the second for the year.

This time not only did they take the days earnings but bandits took a life as well

She said the tragic incident has hit the family hard.

The deceased leaves behind a 16 year old daughter and a thirteen year old son.

The mini mart was one of two businesses owned by the family.

Cardboard covers the pool of blood where the shop owner fell.

Mrs Pistol says the entire experience seems very surreal.

She noted that following the previous attacks on the family business, security cameras were purchased but were not installed as yet.

As to what happens now, Mrs Pistol had this to say.

Stan Pistol would have celebrated his 52nd birthday on April 4th this year.

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