Crime and suicide, especially by young people, were among the topics addressed by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as he delivered his address to Parliament on Tuesday. Prime Minister Chastanet promised that his Government would do more to bring about a reduction in both. Already the Ministry of Health is reporting a decrease in suicide figures over the last year.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet addressed the case of 51 year old Stan Pistol who was murdered at his place of business on March 13, 2019. Mr. Joseph operated a Cross Roads Mini Mart situated in the junction of Waterworks and Cedars roads, formerly known as Ralph’s Supermarket. The Bandits who shot Mr. Pistol  stormed into the business place escaping with under 100 dollars in cash. The homicide  ended  a 22 year old marriage and left  a 16 year old  girl  and a 13 year old boy  without their Father. At Tuesday’s address in Parliament Prime Minster Chastanet promised that his Government would do all in its power to implement programmes targeting young people and designed to deter them from committing such heinous crimes. Mr. Chastanet did not cast the blame on anyone but he admitted that the system had failed the youth

The Prime Minister went on to address the problem of suicides among the youth. He said it is unfortunate that young people will resort to taking their lives as a solution to their problems. The comments followed  a suspected suicide in the Dennery South constituency on Monday. Just Tuesday  Dennery North MP Shawn Edward called for measures in place to help troubled and frustrated youth with suicidal ideation

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