Government has announced plans to reopen the Fish Marketing Corporation after a major restructuring exercise. The new entity will now be under the control of local private interests. Alex Bousquet explains

The Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph says, there were lots of discussion before a final decision was taken on the future of the Corporation. After 26 years in existence a decision as taken by the government to shut down the Corporation and to make its staff redundant. A letter to staff said the organization had been unable to effectively and efficiently execute its mandate and that it was confronted with significant losses and working capital deficiencies.

The St. Lucia Marketing Board, which suffered a similar fate will reopen its doors next week.

Having a Central Marketing Entity is critical Mr. Joseph says particularly now that it is restructured to provide a better service and more locally grown crops to the general public.

The Minister says he is looking forward to working with both entities under the new structures to ensure they meet expectations.

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