The Head of the Roman Catholic Church in St. Lucia is calling for the removal of residents who live in the Faux A Chaud cemetery or to relocate the burial ground itself.
Archbishop Robert Rivas has described the situation in which persons have built houses over tombs, as disturbing

He says the cemetery, is a historic site which should be cared for and can even be used as a tourist attraction.

According to the religious leader, the situation has gotten way out of control. Not only are residents building their homes on tombs and graves, they   are even renting out the premises.

Archbishop Robert Rivas is suggesting two solutions. Either exhume all the graves and relocate the remains or relocate the residents

The Archbishop says people need to know that their or their loved one’s final resting place will not be desecrated in the way the Faux A Chaud grave sites have been.

He made the comments Friday morning as the Roman Catholic Church handed over the Calvary site to the Castries Constituencies Council.

According to the Castries Mayor, the CCC has decided to include the Calvary site into plans to redevelop the city.

Over the years the Calvary site has been vandalized and become overgrown with shrubs. This has made the area a hideout for criminals and a home to vagrants.

The Roman Catholic Church is very excited about the partnership between the two organizations.

The Calvary site is the final resting place for clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Calvary is considered to be a historic and sacred place that should be preserved and protected.

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