Stake holders of governmental and non-governmental agencies, along with medical, legal professionals and civil society representatives earlier this week participated in a sexual assault symposium, hosted by the St. Lucia Forensic Science Laboratory.

The symposium was aimed at highlighting and discussing the treatment of sexual assault in Saint Lucia from a scientific, medical, legal and psychological perspective. +++++++++++++++

Sexual assault, according to the RSLPF has been on an increase.

In 2015, the Vulnerable Persons Unit of THE RSLPF recorded 112 cases of sexual assault and rape.

In 2016 the numbers increased to 214 cases.

Addressing the gathering was director of the St. Lucia Forensic Science Laboratory Miss Fernanda Henry who expressed the desire of the Lab to have a more meaningful impact on the treatment of sexual assault on the island in an effort to realize a decline in sexual violence generally.

The facilitators all represented different aspects of the sexual violence experience coupled with advocates and survivors of rape and the lab’s perspective in dealing with evidence from such cases.

The phycology of rape and how victims should be treated were all discussed at Tuesday’s symposium.

The island’s Justice Minister welcomed the idea and noted that perpetrators of such acts should not be spared.

The symposium was held at the Orchid Garden in Union.

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