The Police Welfare Association (PWA) has taken issue with a recent decision to give City Police island wide powers of arrest.

The City Police Officers were installed in 2016 to assist the Royal St. Lucia Police Force in patrolling protecting the city.

A recent bill passed in the House of Assembly now gives the City Constables powers of arrest beyond the city of Castries.

A decision the PWA is not thrilled about.

Section 25 of the Castries Constituencies Council bill presented to parliament last week states that the Police Commissioner may, on the advice of the Castries Constituencies Council; permit City Police Officers to wear badges of rank and uniforms similar to those of the respective ranks of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.

In essence, the City Police will now have the same powers as the regular RSLPF officers.

The move has ruffled some feathers in the Police Welfare Association

While the PWA president did not go into detail as to what the issues are, possible conflicts over jurisdiction between the RSLPF and the City Constables is one matter that needs clarification.

Another issue is the need for more comprehensive training of the City Police, especially as it relates to preserving crime scenes.

There are those who believe the recent legislation is bound to cause issues between the Mayor and police commissioner who have both butted heads in the past.

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