Newly elected President  of the St. Lucia Dental and Medical Association Dr. Merle Clarke is hoping to meet with Government at the soonest to discuss issues relating to the transition into the Owen King EU and St. Jude Hospitals.  This is at the top of a long list of issues affecting the health sector that he and the new executive of the association are hoping to raise with the administration. The new executive was elected last Saturday 

The professional development of members of the Association is a  priority for newly elected President of the St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association Dr. Merle Clarke. She says the health care debate is raging on  and the Association is committed to advocating for affordable and quality health care in St. Lucia. However Dr. Clarke says  Universal health care is complicated and would call for adequate consultation with policy makers and other relevant stakeholders. But according to her at the end of the day there should be a basket of services available to all St. Lucians

The new executive is hoping for a meeting with Government Officials as soon as possible to discuss the critical issues facing the health sector. The transition to the Owen King EU Hospital and the St. Jude Hospital are at the top of the list

The new executive was elected last Saturday

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