Castries Mayor Peterson Francis on Wednesday has categorically denied claims by Police Welfare Association (PWA) President Travis Chiquot, that US 200,000 was sourced to train City Constables by Trinidadian Police Officers in addition or that there are any plans to set up of a canine unit in the department. The Mayor denied the statements at a press conference on Wednesday

Police Welfare Association President Travis Chiquot in a strongly worded statement said the PWA was strongly against city constables being given island wide powers of arrest.

In addition to their expanded powers of arrest city police will receive the same ranks and wear the same uniform as regular police officers, even though they have not received the same training.  The PWA does not support the decision.

In addition the PWA President, took issue with US 200,000 reportedly being spent on training for the constables.

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis fired back Wednesday morning, dismissing the allegations and in turn accusing the PWA President of playing politics.

Mayor Francis has described the actions of the PWA president as disappointing. He continues to stand by his men and the decision to grant them island wide powers of arrests.

Communications and Press Manager in the Mayor’s Office, Jason Hullingseed described the statement as demotivating considering the successes recorded by the city police over the last two years.

PWA President Travis Chicquot was unavailable for comment on the matter.

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