The Leader of  the Opposition Philip J Pierre is giving the Prime Minister seven days to confirm whether a letter allegedly signed by Economic Affairs Minister Guy Joseph and which commits St. Lucia to a 167 million dollars for 2 projects  is authentic or not. According to Mr. Pierre there was no bidding process for the awarding of the contracts and the projects do not have Parliamentary approval. 

Opposition Leader Philip J  Pierre quoted from a letter which appears to come  from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and which allegedly bears the signature of Economic Affairs Minister Guy Joseph. According to the Opposition Leader the letter which he says has been circulating over social media commits St. Lucia to a contractual agreement with a firm for two projects namely a street lighting project and the St. Jude project  valued at  167 million dollars.  Mr Pierre says the projects do not have Parliamentary approval and since  Minister Joseph  is not the Finance Minister he is  not authorized to bind St. Lucia to this debt-that is IF the letter is genuine and was signed by him. The SLP is calling on the Prime Minister to clarify  whether the letter is authentic

Mr. Pierre says since the information came to light  there has been no outright denial concerning the letter

We tried to reach the Minister for comment but he was not available

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