A senior police officer has attributed lower homicide figures for the first quarter of 2019 to better conflict resolution skills among citizens.

The observation comes from Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr Wayne Charlery.

So far, the island has recorded seven homicides for the year.

During the period January to March 2018, St. Lucia recorded six homicides.

In 2016, the island recorded eight homicides for the same period and similar figures were recorded in 2017, even though the island recorded a record breaking 60 homicides by the end of that year.

Although figures for 2019 are low, it is just one more than the previous year.

However, ACP Wayne Charlery is attributing the low figures to the good sense of the public.

The A.C.P has also credited the officers of the RSLPF for not tolerating criminality.

The majority of the homicides this year have been gun related and the victims, young men between 19 and thirty years old.

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