The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association is noticing that more people are becoming eye health conscious and are detecting eye conditions a lot earlier. The observation comes as the world prepares to Celebrate World Health Day on Sunday April 7th.

Sunday April 7 is designated World Health Day.  The Day celebrates the World Health Organization’s founding, and is seen as an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major importance to global health each year. The theme for World Health Day 2019  is “Universal health  coverage: everyone, everywhere”. The St. Lucia Blind Welfare Association remains concerned about the  less fortunate  who cannot afford quality eye care. Despite its financial constraints the Association remains committed to ensuring that such persons are not deprived of the  services.  The Association is also concerned about the prevalence glaucoma in St. Lucia. there is no cure for the condition. But with proper medical attention it can be controlled

The  Association is recommending that  persons    age 30 and over go for  annual  eye check ups. In that way eye defects  can be nipped in the bud .

The Association wants to remind the public  that a healthy Lifestyle can improve eyesight

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