As the Estimates of Expenditure 2019/2020 gets underway, Independent Senator Mrs. Mauricia Thomas Francis says she wants the government to focus on issues affecting the health, agriculture, and education sectors, as well as the island’s national security.

The Senator made the comments ahead of Tuesday’s presentation of the Throne Speech.

Senator Mauricia Thomas Francis stressed the need for the completion of uncompleted health facilities across the island and for them to be properly equipped and staffed.

Mrs Thomas is hoping that universal health insurance can be implemented in this year’s budget cycle.

According to her, there are many St. Lucians who are unable to afford health care and with such a programme health care can be provided to every single citizen.

Mrs Thomas – Franics feels the education sector needs to do a better job of preparing students for the world of work.

Provisions to ensure the proper functioning of the judicial system she added should be a top priority of the government to ensure swift justice and a reduction in the existing backlog of cases.

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