The Chairman of the St. Lucia Fire Service Association continues to appeal for fair play in the way promotions are handed out in the department. This is one of the nagging issues which firefighters have been complaining about for years and was one of the reasons for a recent strike by the emergency responders. The comments by Shane Felix comes as the Association and the government attempt to come to agreement on a methodology and timeframe to have the firefighters issues addressed.
Chairman of the St. Lucia Fire Service Association Shane Felix says the issue of promotions like many of the firefighters grievances have lingered for years. He used the presence of a qualified fire investigator in the department to underscore his point. According to him even though the individual is qualified in her field, her expertise have never been utilized by the department
In 2011, a fire official made the announcement that there were two fire investigators appointed to the fire service, but since then, he says, nothing has been heard of the two individuals.
Mr. Felix says he is disappointed with the management of the Fire Service for creating such a situation and with the Ministries of Home Affairs and the Public Service for allowing it to linger for so long.

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