President of the Senate Andy Daniel says the possible resignation of Dr. Ubaldus Raymond from the Senate will not affect the operations of the Upper House. He made the comments even as the Prime Minister dismissed media reports of Raymond’s resignation as false.

There have been renewed calls for Dr. Raymond’s resignation or firing after he was linked to a second sex scandal. In 2017 two young women were charged with attempting to blackmail the Senator and Government Minister when they threatened to publish inappropriate whatsapp conversations and nude photographs, purportedly of Raymond. In the most recent case telephone conversations between a Trinidadian woman and someone who sounds like the Minister have been circulated online together with photographs of someone in his likeness.

Eleven senators make up the Upper House of Parliament or the Senate.

Six members from the government side, three from the opposition and two independent senators.

Speaker of the House and former Senate President Andy Daniel says one less senator from the government side will not affect proceedings.

MP’s from both sides have refused to comment on the situation, including Sarah Flood Beaubrum an outspoken champion for family values.

When asked about the latest scandal, she had this to say.

Opposition MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire says if the man in the telephone conversations is in fact Dr. Raymond who is also the Public Service Minister, then there is serious cause for concern because of some of the statements made about public sector employees.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says media and online reports of the resignation are untrue.

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