One Cap Estate resident is irate about the indiscriminate dumping of construction waste and other garbage along the road to Donkey and Secret Beaches. He says contractors get paid to dump the waste at the Deglos Sanitary Landfill, but find it easier to dump it near the beach.

Cap Estate resident, Chef Xavier Ribot says he, like many others takes morning walks along these tracks. He say they are now being overrun by trash and the once beautiful pristine piece of nature has become an eyesore

Ribot says there is a need for environmental sensitivity to be taught at local schools. He believes that as early as possible children should be aware of the environmental issues facing the island and the globe…he says schools are the perfect places to begin those conversations

These beautiful Bouganvillia flowers were once lining the entire roadsides but with the sudden indiscriminate dumping of garbage in the area, this patch is he last remaining one.

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