Residents of La Bourne, Monchy are appealing to the Ministry of Infrastructure to do something about worsening road conditions in the community as a matter of urgency. Residents say they have suffered under successive administrations and have singled out their Parliamentary Representative for failing to ensure the repairs are done.

La Bourne residents say they are fed up with the road conditions which are a nightmare on the best of days. When it rains however, they say they are severely inconvenienced.

Raymond Isaac says he has had to change vehicles so that he could more easily travel on the deteriorating road, -money he says he could have saved.

Things have got so bad that even minibus drivers are refusing to enter the community forcing residents to walk to their homes.

La Bourne residents say they have been appealing for help for years, and have been ignored. They have taken it on their own to rename the community, “ Forgotten Boundaries “ as a result.

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